Full Fee-paying International Students: Referrals for Student Hardship now open

Upper Hutt Multicultural Council has received a grant from the International Student Hardship Fund. We are now taking referrals from education providers, community leaders, or the students themselves. If you or someone you know fits the following criteria, they can apply for financial or other support using the form below.

The last date UHMCC will be accepting applications is August 10th 2020.

To be eligible, the student must be:

 Currently in New Zealand
 In genuine, temporary hardship
 Not eligible for other government financial support
 A current full fee-paying international student, or enrolled as a full fee-paying international student as at 23 March


UHMCC Student Hardship Application Form

  • We understand there are a lot of questions and asking for a lot of documents as evidence. These are to avoid money being given to people who are not answering honestly. We thank you for your patience.
  • ALL documents must be verified by a Justice of Peace before submitting. Find out more about your local Justice of Peace here.
  • All information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone other than Education New Zealand for accountability purposes
  • Incomplete questions may result in a decline of support
  • If you need to talk to us further about your application please contact us at: administrator@uhm.org.nz

Part 1: Basic Details

Your Name*

Your Email*

Phone number*




Part 2: Place of Study

Which institute are you studying at?*

How long is your period of study at this institute?*
Start date End date

What is your programme of study?*

What kind of study fees are you paying?*

Please note you will be asked to provide proof of enrolment and proof of student visa at the end of the application

Part 3: Living circumstances

Please describe any employment you've had in New Zealand in the last 6 months
Start date End date

Please describe your current accommodation situation*

Please describe how covid affected your employment and accommodation situation

Please note you will be asked to provide proof of employment and proof of accommodation at the end of the application

Part 4: Hardship details

Please describe your hardship. Why do you need this support?*

Please describe any other support you have received*
 Government wage subsidy Jobseeker allowance Accommodation supplement I cannot get any other support Other

When do you hope to be able to financially support yourself again?
In weeks:
Please note if it looks like you will not be able to support yourself in the foreseeable future, you may have to talk to your embassy about returning to your home country

What do you need support with?*
 Groceries/food Accommodation Winter provisions Direct finances Other

If we need to do a direct debit, please provide details of your NZ bank account

Please note you will be asked to provide two forms of referral or confirmation of hardship at the end of the application

Part 5: Files to include

Please provide a valid confirmation of study*
(ie signed/dated letter of enrolment from your study)

Please provide a verified copy of your passport showing your student visa*

Please provide signed a letter or email from your employer confirming the dates and hours you have given above

Please provide proof of accommodation using a bank statement of letter of confirmation from your landlord

Please provide two letters of referral confirming your situation. These could be from school authorities, community elders/leaders, local Multicultural Council, etc
You can find an example template of a letter of referral here

Please provide a bank statement demonstrating your current financial position

UHMCC reports to to its funders by sharing meaningful stories of people in the community. Are you happy for UHMCC to contact you further if we would like to include your story in the report?
 Yes I consent to being contacted about my story No thanks I do not want my story shared

Do you understand that the information you have provided will be shared with Education New Zealand as part of their agreement to provide this fund?
 Yes I understand

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