On line Well-being Workshop during challenging times!

When we are relaxed and emotionally happy, our immune system becomes stronger. Join us for a special trip to the Relaxation and Mental Peace techniques.  Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) and Upper Hutt Multicultural Council  brings you a special online meditation. Every attendee will receive special (YPV) tips and techniques to keep your immune system strong and emotionally radiate positivity around you.
This session is especially formed to suite the current time and situation, it is important that we all focus on positive energy and keep ourselves & our families healthy in all aspects i.e. physical, emotional & mental. This session will be open for all, above age 15.
Duration of Meditation: 45 minutes approx
This is a Free Session
Time: 11 am ( From 23 March 2020, For 2 weeks)  
How to download\attend via Zoom appYou can download free app via respective app stores “Zoom” on your phone. 
(Same link will be used for every meeting)
Meeting Id548 228 0661
If you have any further questions regarding as to how this app works then might be following you tube link can be helpful.
Please don’t hesitate in reaching out if technology\technicality for joining the session is an issue via email: ypvnewzealand@gmail.com
Who we are:
Yoga Prana Vidya is an Alternative Healing Modality. It uses various simple techniques to heal innumerable physical, psychological conditions, relationship problems, financial distresses and almost all difficulties in one’s life. For more information please visit our website: 
Upper Hutt Multicultural Council: The Upper Hutt Multicultural Council is a non-profit organisation established in 2006 to promote cultural diversity in our local community. The aim is to encourage vibrant cultural communities in Upper Hutt by strengthening social ties, raising awareness about cultural issues, and supporting new migrants and minority ethnicities. For more information please visit our website:http://www.uhm.org.nz/
 See you online!
Healthy and loving blessings!

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