Movement to raise peaceful leaders in Upper Hutt

New Zealand has growing young and culturally diverse population that will be inheriting the future leadership of Aotearoa. The E Tu Whanau umbrella of PALMs (Peaceful Action Leadership Movements) is currently working with Upper Hutt Multicultural Council among other collaborators to hold a series of conventions. This to give youth an opportunity to have a voice and a vision to make New Zealand better.


The mini PALMs Rangatahi Hui held in Upper Hutt in October 2019 was the sequel to a larger symposium held in Rotorua earlier in the year. Upper Hutt Multicultural Council and E Tu Whanau held this follow-up hui in order to give the young attendees a further space to action their vision and break it down into achievable goals.


After the Rotorua symposium, the youth’s voices were heard, their points compiled, and we came back with a second round. This time to hold space for them to plan how to take steps toward their vision together. We had nine rangatahi from around the Wellington region attend – and one from as far as New Plymouth! The Upper Hutt Multicultural Council and E Tu Whanau thoroughly enjoyed watching them catch up before recapping on the E Tu Whanau values and getting stuck in to the road map. Some of the key themes that came up were around nurturing cultures, capacity and climate. There was a lot of energy in the room as the big dreams were broken down into doable 6 month steps, including a series of “culture cafe” meetups, cultural events in schools, and a contribution to the annual Race Relations Day celebrations, with a promise made to come back together for some kai (food) and a check-in February.


The attendees said they found it really energising to be around other like-minded young people from different backgrounds, and were excited to go back and connect with the cultural communities in their area. Bring on the next one!


You can find more info about the Rotorua Symposium and the PALMs values here.



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