Kia ora everyone, we’ve got a favour to ask you..

Kia Ora everyone, we’ve got a favour to ask you..
We are having a closer look at the best way to reach the community, so we can give you the best help possible, and get you connected to the people you want!
This is a link to a very quick survey that asks you a little bit about your place in the community, and we would love it if you could spend a minute of your time to fill it out for us.
¬°Muchas gracias!

Take our survey now…

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3 Responses

  1. Marie Brophy says:

    excellent that Upper Hutt Multicultural Council have their very own web site. I have been waiting for this for some years.
    its great we are now well established in the social media cyberspace so to speak. SO EXCELLENT NOW I CAN BOAST AND tell my friends and give them the contact and they can see what Upper Hutt Multicultural Council does in the community ……WELL DONE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Excellent Pancha and Pohswan who have worked so hard for many years to get us established and going well.
    best wishes Marie and John

  2. Ina (Christina) Crosbie says:

    Hi Marie,

    I’ve just got info. from my friend in Wellington about your sister (Geraldine) and enjoyed reading about
    her life in NZ since she & your family had arrived in NZ in 1972.
    As your Mum (Terri) was a friend of mine all those years ago (I lived in Lr.Hutt & Aukland) I wondered wouold you
    be able to give me her address so that I could drop her a line.
    Many thanks.

  3. Ina (Christina) Crosbie says:

    Hi Marie,

    I got some information from my friend in Wellington regarding Geraldine and her good acting career,etc.
    I was a friend of your Mum many years ago (when you all arrived in NZ in 1972) and I wondered if you would
    let me know your Mum’s address so I could drop her a line.
    Many thanks and hope all your family are well. Love Ina Crosbie xx

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